News Update (Monday 27th June 2016): "To have over 30 students now in university from this college makes us very proud. Many of them come with the ambition of progressing in football and while we have much success in that area not all are fortunate enough to become a professional. Going to University is a fantastic outcome. Our graduates are now studying at some of the finest institutions such as Loughborough, LJMU and Durham University to become PE teachers and Sport Scientists. Such careers will give them the opportunity to gain employment in the UK or anywhere around the world."

Liverpool FC Foundation College is a special community, where hard work, commitment and high standards are the norm. We have witnessed many fine achievements over the last term. I would like to thank the staff and students for their continued hard work, endeavour and dedication in raising standards and achievement at the college. Our motto 'Achieving Excellence Together' is fundamental to our continued growth and success.

It has been a busy time at the college both academically and on the field of play. The success of our football programme has been outstanding: the U19 team has reached the U19 Youth Development League Cup Final with many outstanding performances along the way. The team has been crowned winners of the Premier Development League, a fantastic achievement. Success has also been evident in our young student coaches who have gained nationally recognised qualifications and have progressed into employment with Liverpool FC Foundation.

Students continue to achieve the highest possible outcomes in their studies. 100% of university applicants have received offers from their first choice university course; congratulations to all those students. A key focus this term is to ensure that all students gain the highest possible grades in their external examinations and coursework. It is important to remind them to keep focusing on their academic goals. Input equals output, in other words achievement depends on effort.

As Head of Education and Sport it is a privilege to work in such a positive, vibrant and successful college. I look forward to welcoming you to one of our many events over the coming months.

Carl Giles
Head of Education and Sport